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Important — Read Carefully

This is a legal agreement between you and the provider of this application.

Use of this application is governed by the terms and conditions to which you have agreed with respect to use of the hosted communications solutions. Use of this application constitutes use of a "service" and "software" as defined in such terms and conditions. By downloading this application, you agree that you have read, understand and accept such terms and conditions.

This product is not a replacement for your mobile or fixed line telephone. In particular, this product does not allow you to make emergency calls to emergency services. You must make alternative communications arrangements to ensure that you can make emergency calls if needed.

By downloading this application, you acknowledge and agree that the provider's equipment and services, and this application, do not support 911 emergency dialing or other emergency functions in the same way that traditional wireline 911 services work.

You agree to comply with all applicable laws in your use of the application.

You agree that the provider is not responsible or liable for the privacy or security of data transmitted across wireline, wireless or other networks. You agree that the provider is not responsible or liable if the application interferes with the operation of your device or other software on or accessed through your device.

By clicking on the “I Accept” button within the application, you are consenting to be bound by this agreement and the hosted communications solutions terms and conditions. If you do not agree, click the “Cancel” button within the application and the installation or download process will not continue.

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